Mathematical Olympiad Treasures

Mathematical Olympiad Treasures
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures
Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Page Count: 241
Format: djvu
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0817643052
ISBN-13: 9780817643058
User Rating: 4.3333 out of 5 Stars! (3 Votes)

"Mathematical Olympiad Treasures" aims at building a bridge between ordinary high school examples and exercises and more sophisticated, intricate and abstract concepts and problems in undergraduate mathematics. The book contains a stimulating collection of problems in the subjects of geometry and trigonometry, algebra, number theory and combinatorics. While it may be considered a sequel to "Mathematical Olympiad Challenges," the focus of "Treasures" is on engaging a wider audience of undergraduates to think creatively in applying techniques and strategies to problems in the real world.

The problems are clustered by topic into self-contained sections. Unlike "Challenges," however, "Treasures" begins with elementary facts, followed by a number of carefully selected problems and an extensive discussion of their solutions. This discussion then leads to more complicated and more intellectually challenging problems as well as their solutions.

Throughout the book students are encouraged to express their ideas, conjectures, and conclusions in writing. The goal is to help readers develop a host of new mathematical tools and strategies that will be useful beyond the classroom and in a number of disciplines.

"Mathematical Olympiad Treasures" reflects the experience of two experienced professors and coaches from the United States and Romanian Olympiad teams.

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M. Wang | 4 out of 5 Stars!

A good pedagogical aid for math competition

" from the same authors, but this book poses so little challenge that there is virtually no risk of stumbling over any problem. The authors acknowledge the difference in difficulty levels in the promotional literature. Perhaps they will publish a collection of harder problems separately.

Math_Kid_25 | 4 out of 5 Stars!

Helpful for the experience, but not beginners

I would recommend this book if you have already developed a repretoire for solving olympiad (USAMO, IMO, etc) level problems. This book teaches a couple more interesting startegies to add to your olympiad bag of tricks. However, a beginner to olympiad problems may wish to consider a different book first.

I bought this book this year before my first USAMO. I wanted to acquaint myself with important problem solving techniques I would need for this test. Whiel this book provided many important insights and tricks, It was not helpful for my purposes. Basically, it gave plenty of extra tricks, but very, very little on where to apply these tricks and how a student would know to use a given technique.

In all, I'd rate this book a 5 for advanced problem solvers who know what they are doing but want a good set of problems and extra techniques. However, a newcomer to olympiads may wish to consider a different book to start educating themselves in problem-solving

SCK | 5 out of 5 Stars!

Definitely a treasure!

Andreescu delivered again! This book teaches powerful math problem solving techniques through a series of graded problems. The insight from these two renounced problem solvers of elementary problems at the olympiad level is prevalent throughout the book, which is what makes this book a treasure. You'll learn wonderful techniques and come away with a satisfying feeling after you can solve some of the problems that seem impossible to you before. I hope these authors continue to put out such gems in the near future. Enjoy!

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